Section of the Americas

Section of the AmericasContact Person: Robin Mohr, Executive Secretary
Address: 1506 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA
Telephone: +1 215 241 7250
Fax: +1 215 241 7285
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  • Annual Report
  • Electronic Newsletter in English (approximately 24 times a year)
  • Electronic newsletter in Spanish (approximately 12 times a year)
  • Directory of yearly meetings throughout the Americas and meetings in Canada and the USA (Online searchable database)
  • Online catalogue of pamphlets originally published by the Wider Quaker Fellowship and other documents of interest to Friends in the Americas

One of the two original sections of Friends World Committee for Consultation, the Section of the Americas celebrated its 80th anniversary year in 2017. The Section serves the 55 yearly meetings and other associations and fellowships which constitute the Religious Society of Friends in the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America. We envision a thriving and integrated network of Friends from the Arctic to the Andes woven together in transformative faith, learning to love, listen, and witness.

The Traveling Ministry Corps is a volunteer corps of Spanish- and English-speaking Friends, crossing Yearly Meeting lines and other divisions among Friends. The Traveling Ministry Corps uses traditional Quaker practices to build 21st century skills in cross-cultural dialogue and local leadership development in both rural and urban environments. These traveling Friends share their own spiritual experience and sense of unity that is possible across the branches of Friends. They encourage Friends to learn from one another, and, following consultation and discernment with the local communities, proceed to minister through prayer, pastoral counseling and encouragement, religious education, or peace, justice and environmental concerns.

The Connections programs serve Friends and Seekers who inquire about the Religious Society of Friends locally or internationally, equip Representatives to be ambassadors of their Yearly Meetings, and promote the observance of World Quaker Day. The programs include the publication of a directory of Friends meetings and churches in the Americas, an electronic newsletter and social media, and an online catalog of pamphlets and other publications of interest to Friends in the Americas.

The biennial Section Meetings are bilingual opportunities for communication, consultation and cooperation among Friends, addressing issues of faith and their reflection in concerns, and bringing Friends together across yearly meeting lines.

The Section also administers the Susan Bax Fund, making grants to support women traveling in non-institutional ministry, and the Elizabeth Ann Bogert Memorial Fund, making grants for the study and practice of Christian mysticism.

Clerks (until 1976, “Chairmen”)

1938 Alvin T. Coate Western YM
1939-1942 J. Hoge Ricks Baltimore YM
1943-1945 Thomas E. Jones Indiana YM
1946 William O. Mendenhall California YM
1947 D. Elton Trueblood Indiana YM
1948-1955 Alexander C. Purdy New England YM
1956-1960 Dorothy Gilbert Thorne Wilmington YM
1961-1967 A. Ward Applegate Western YM
1968-1972 Edwin B. Bronner Philadelphia YM
1973-1978 Donald L. Moon Western YM
1979-1984 Barrett Hollister Ohio Valley YM
1985-1988 Heather Moir Southeastern YM
1989-1992 Harold Smucks Indiana YM
1993-1996 Gordon M. Browne, Jr. New England YM
1997-1999 Thomas C. Hill Ohio Valley & Wilmington YMs
1999-2002 LaDonna Wallen Intermountain YM
2002-2008 Elizabeth Mertic Illinois YM
2008-2011 Ray Treadway North Carolina (C) YM
2011-2015 Jane Snyder North Pacific YM
2015-2019 Benigno Sánchez-Eppler New England YM
2019- David Shiner Illinois YM

Executive Secretaries

1938-1945 Leslie D. Shaffer
1946 J. Harold Hadley, interim
1947 Allen J. White
1948-1949 Leslie D. Shaffer
1950-1962 James F. Walker
1963-1980 Herbert M. Hadley
1981-1988 Gordon M. Browne, Jr.
1988-1991 Alex Morisey
1991 Cilde Grover, interim
1992-1998 Asia A. Bennett
1998-2002 Cilde Grover
2002-2011 Margaret Fraser
2011- Robin Mohr